Digital Marketing Changed My Life…

It’s important I tell you where I came from before this point in my life, or none of it will make sense.

For 8 years, I was a full-time Firefighter/Paramedic.

I made a really good salary, but I was extremely unhappy and to the point where I was just a miserable piece of sh*t…

I needed to make some changes quick when I noticed It was starting to not only affect me, but my wife and kids too.

My hopes were to be able to start over in a new career… A career that I was passionate about and that would allow me to spend more time at home with my wife and kids, but also still be able to provide a comfortable lifestyle for my family.

Everything I’ve done up to this point was to be able to become a Firefighter, So how in the Hell was I going to pull this off?

It was scary thinking about leaving a secure job that I worked so hard to get and then having to start completely over with no “Real” Education or background other than firefighting.

I knew I could find a job, but finding one that that would pay me a decent salary so I could still provide for my family was a hard challenge I faced.

After trying to figure something out, and not really coming up with a viable solution, I just remember being so frustrated and bitter 24/7. I wasn’t myself around my family when I was home…at work I was just going through the motions, and nothing seem to excite me towards life.

I remember feeling like i was trapped. Like I was being held down by something. Which looking back, I was at the time…It was my own mental weakness.

I had this feeling of helplessness with where I found myself, and all it seemed to do was make me angry that I was even in this situation to begin with.

Deep down, I knew there was more to life than living a life that doesn’t wake you up everyday excited — To be more, To do more, and to help people achieve more.

I ended up reaching a point where I said Enough Is Enough.

Have you ever found yourself in this place?

This place misery… and you realize that you only have ONE life to live…And you refuse to spend another minute tolerating this bullsh*t.

This was exactly where I was at…for a couple of years….

Until I decided that I AM in control. I CHOOSE my destiny. I DECIDE, how I will create the Life I want to live.

It became clear to me one day that I produce my own success and happiness…. Not the President, Not my boss, Not my friends, I do….Period!

My first attempt — I tried bringing an Invention idea my wife and I called the LÜFAPRO to the market. So I found a company to help me with the design, a prototype, and even a Full patent on it. Then my awesome business partner that I thought I could trust, turned on me and decided to go his own path with the product since he was on the patent too….I felt robbed because I spent so much money on it. After I spent most of my money on it at the time, I stopped pursuing it and it was a huge failure In my mind.

Then — I thought about selling online with FBA (Fulfillment by amazon). Amazon has become this GIANT online selling force that sells millions of products online from people that create their own amazon store/brand, have their very own products manufactured and shipped to amazon, and then Amazon pretty much handles the rest (shipping, packaging, customer service, etc…).

I thought If thousands of people who are successful at it, making 6 and 7 figure incomes, then I can too.

So I went for it — I first went through the approval process with Amazon so I could sell on their platform… Then I created an “Online Store and Brand” with them (which was a nightmare)… And then I contacted a manufacturer to have my first product made — a tortilla blanket ha (It looked fun and who doesn’t want to be wrapped up like a burrito while laying on the couch watching netflix).

So I put a deposit down, and BOOM. Covid-19 hits China. The Manufacturing Company had to close their production plant down for a while until it was safe for them to return to operations. After weeks and weeks of not knowing when they would return to normal operations or what’s to come from Covid, I moved on from it because I didn’t want to waste any time or money on an unknown variable — at least that was the excuse I told myself. So that was my next failure.

But this didn’t stop me from finding my way out of the Fire Service.

Luckily, Soon after my Amazon failure, I was dropping my son off at Kindergarten and waiting with all the other parents and kids to be let into the classroom.

I started talking to this other dad (Josh) and we were talking about what we did for work. He tells me he works from home and has his own digital marketing business.

I was very curious about it since I’ve heard about digital marketing in the past, and also because I’ve seen the kind of car he drove (a fancy Porsche). Plus he told me he works from home! By that, I knew he obviously got to spend more time around his family… so asked him a few questions.

How did you learn to do this? Where did you start? Where can someone like me learn to do this?

By this time the kids were going inside the classroom, and Josh decided to invite me over to have a beer while we go over the work he does and to let the kids play. So the boys and I went over to his house, that same evening!

We drive inside this gated community, pull up to the house that looked TWICE as big as my home. It looked like it might have been on MTV Cribs at one point. So we get to the house, the kids start to play, and walks me into his office….Nothing fancy... Looked like any regular home office I have seen.

So we sit down, and he gives me an overview of everything he does and how he’s generated multiple streams of income all Online, 24/7. The coolest part of it all, was MOST of everything he did was automated!

And he had little to no overhead!

At this point I was sold.

So I asked him again — How did you learn to do this? He tells me for the past 4 years that he has been “teaching” himself with online videos, reading books, and even YouTube to help him learn.

He shows me where he started, the exact books he read, podcast he listens to, etc… Now I knew I was still hooked on the idea, but I also knew I didn’t have 4 years to learn this all this. So I asked him how I could learn this, but a lot faster. Like a year tops. This is when Josh tells me about Billy Gene, Russel Brunson, Dotcom Secrets, Marketing360, etc…

As a result, I felt that I could make this work for me.

Just like Billy Gene did at one point, just like Russel Brunson did, and just like my friend Josh has.

That following week, I started reading, watching videos from these top marketers and then I had this massive light bulb go off and I realized that these top “Marketers” selling online AREN’T rocket scientist. There isn’t anything “special” about them. They don’t have any super powers.

But what I did notice they all have, was a framework and system, that they all use and have “mastered”. LIke how to find the perfect products, for their perfect customers using the perfect tools and resources to anyone online, if you just know where to look.

Obviously I was new to this so I didn’t really have any idea or know what the best ones were. Either way though I was determined to figure it out.

I knew I was going to need to invest a little bit of money to get me started. I bought a new laptop since my wife and I were sharing an old one — I signed up for a couple of software tools (Clickbank, Getresponse, ClickFunnels) to help me find the right products and market them to anywhere my dream customer may be. I was able to find them through Blogs, Facebook Groups, Forums, ads etc — Once I found where they “congregate” online, I placed my products in front of them selling them on why and how my product could benefit them.

A main challenge I realized though, was that I wasn’t anything unique. I was stuck and I couldn’t figure out how to get people to buy from me vs the hundreds of other people placing ads or getting them to purchase elsewhere. I would get a sale here or there, but nothing like I was hoping I would.

I knew I was onto something but I hit this HUGE wall, and i needed to just tweak something in my approach, so I could get more then just a few sales here and there, but I still just couldn’t quite figure it out.

After going back and forth, I decided to invest in myself and get direct one on one coaching from a guy who is very well known in the Digital Marketing Industry. It was expensive but looking back, It was everything I needed to push through this wall. I knew If I could learn the methods and strategies he was having success with.. and implement exactly what he was doing…then my chances of succeeding were going to be that much higher.

Once I went through the coaching program he offered, It allowed me to streamline by business, provide even more value to my customers, and analyze exactly what they wanted.

I learned if you really invest time in your market, and listen to exactly what the customers want in whatever market your in, then you can sell them exactly anything they need and want.

This meant I didn’t have to do any of the guesswork. No wasting time and money creating ads or content, for a product that the majority in your market didn’t really want.

In the end, I’ve been able to create perfect products that over deliver every single time on what the customer was expecting to get when they bought from me, which has increased the value I offer, including my online business sales that increased my profit 10X.

Looking back at where I was, I’m finally at a point where I feel complete and total happiness.

I’ve been able to leave the job that I thought would never be possible and create my own online business while serving customers with my products that give them value.

The best part about my story and transformation I’ve been on, Is I couldn’t be more happier than where I am at right now with my life, business, and family. I get to work at home, be more present around my wife and kids, and be there whenever they need me. All while making more money then I have ever imagined, selling things that I love, to people that are my dream customer’s.

My hope is that if you read this, and you may possibly find yourself in a place that I once was at, that you realize you don’t have to continue to sabatoage yourself. You can decide and take action to change any situation your in and unhappy about.

That Is why I wanted to share my story with you. If your finding yourself in the shoes that I was in, or if your even interested about selling online (the right way) , to where you can have the fastest and highest success starting out, Please feel free to contact me on social media or listen to my podcast at the link below.

Thanks —


I have ONE mission in life... To inspire and guide you to the greatest version of yourself that you can possibly be and to lead others to happiness.